mentoring your sacred heart and spiritual presence  


Commences Monday August 19th


SOUL PATH ILLUMINATION Level One is a transformational 11 week journey to align your spiritual anatomy (your seven energy centres or chakras) with your physical anatomy (your body temple and vehicle for vibrant living). This is a program for Soul Empowerment, an embodiment of your exquisite energy, to expand your light for transformational change! 

Soul Path Illumination - Level One Program - Online

You are an exquisite spark of Divine Light!


Are you ready to receive the fullness of your radiant flame, that holds the Grace of the Golden Light, always guiding you deeply into right relationship with Mother/Father God, with yourself and with all others?


Do you feel the call for integration of your spiritual power?


Have you seen the signs and symbols (feathers, number sequences, etc) inspiring your soul to co-create with the Universal Flows of Abundance, Happiness, Wisdom and Joy?


Are you ready to trust your intuition on a whole new heart level and step into leadership with love?


‘You are a Light Body having a human experience perfecting the language of Love. You do not need to see your future, you need to see your potential! You are a Divine spark of pure Source energy and infinite intelligence. The only absolute to the study of Soul Illumination is to love yourself deeply in the process.’  AshaTara


SOUL PATH ILLUMINATION gently guides you to emerge as an empowered, energetic Being with a radiant awareness of your Diamond Light Body supporting your Soul Path and  returning you to the wisdom within, where Self-Healing, Self-Assurance, Self-Realisation and Self-love bloom in beautiful, inspiring ways. 


Every which way you turn you are often made to feel not enough, robbed of your freedom to feel that you are beautiful in your sacred skin and that you matter. Self-love serves as the greatest syrup for the soul, the medicine that manifests miracles and magic…. 


My heart intention for the Soul Path Illumination Program is that you experience a deep remembrance of devotional love for all that you are and all that you are becoming through the awareness of your spiritual anatomy.


Soul Illumination
Online Program

Starts Monday 19th August

Join me every Monday evening at 7.00 pm (AEDT) for 11 weeks of transformation and illumination.


This is the first time that I have offered this program online and I am so excited to be using Zoom to create a beautiful space for 12 special souls in a live virtual temple of learning. 


I know that the same bonds of friendship and support will grow online just as they do in-person. All course material will be mailed to you in a special bound book and a link to a private Facebook group will be provided in session 1.


This is a journey of joy, promoting empowerment and peace. You will not want it to end.


Tanya Allison

As a heartfelt facilitator of Guided Meditation Circles, Temple AshaTara Facebook Group and Soul Illumination Programs, in service to awakening the wisdom within you through devotion, ritual and ceremony, I feel truly ignited by the guidance and grace of Divine Mother Love to support all beautiful souls into a deeper surrender to their Soul Path.

I have been so blessed to hold sacred space and witness the profound transformation, clarity of purpose and absolute joy that occurs through my gift of channelling Divine guidance.

    There is no greater than or lessor than another… we are in this together. In this program and in life, always see yourself as equal, with an intention to shine and share the very essence of you in service to self and others. I honour your light…


    To ask any questions or discuss your involvement in the program please email or call me on 0421 603327



    Join Tanya Allison online in the Zoom Room every Monday.

    What People Are Saying About Tanya Allison

    • I can't thank Tanya enough, I have gained so much with Tanya teaching me to ground myself in earth mother to experience self-growth, love, empowerment, happiness and joy in all the little things in life​.

      Rita, 2018

    • Tanya is the greatest expression of Light and Love that shines to share from her heart to yours.With an open heart to hear, understand and support in all ways, on all levels and in all points in time she offers guidance, spiritual growth and Soul Illumination for all those who are ready and willing to walk their Soul Path.


      It is with heartfelt appreciation that my life journey has evolved and continues to evolve through having Tanya as my friend and Spiritual Mentor

      Jean C., 2019

    • Tanya’s soul illumination courses are just that, "soul illuminating!" - soul enriching, soul supporting, soul loving, soul expanding - soul-FULL. I have learnt so much and expanded my consciousness beyond what I thought was possible. I am deeply grateful for all that Tanya is and know I have found a mentor for life ✨🙏🏻✨​

      Lisa C., 2019

    Spaces Are Limited

    *Registrations Are Closing On August 14th.

    Only 12 Spaces Are Available So Book Early.



    Join a Journey of

    Great Beauty 

    Light and Inspiration.

    As a Divine Being of light having a physical experience, you need to understand how you can expand your infinite potential and sustain a ‘feel good frequency’ on a daily basis for living a life that you truly love to live.


    Every single soul on this planet has a special spiritual capability and gift. When you are intimately in tune with your spiritual anatomy you are revealing your radiance in the areas that resonate most strongly for you…paying attention to energy, your energy, and how you align and interact with the energy of those you connect and ‘collide’ with on your soul path.

    “My journey through this program was epic, magic, love and needed. I was ready for this path and surrendered unto all its requests to selfheal, awaken and re-learn the divine connection and all this life experience has planned for my soul path. 
    I am no longer who I was 11 weeks ago, and I am grateful for my teachings of Tanya and spirit. For she is a true pathway of service to others, to all. Because of this I too now can be also. 

    ​My heart was wide open to receive ... ‘Be willing to discard old ways and receive new ones’.
    ‘Be as a child seeing the stars for the first time - in awe of the magnificence, the beauty, the mystery’
    For anyone planning to do this course it is life changing for all the right reasons. Blessing for your future journey trust and embrace it. It is truly heavenly sent... along with our beautiful soul Tanya
    🦋”   Kharj  2018