Soul Illumination Level 2

This program will be experienced as a personal pilgrimage, walking you within; to the wisdom, love and power that exists as your Divine Spark – a flame of great beauty and immense light. 


Following the flow of Soul Illumination, you are ready to release all resistance to the Holy Light; the aspect of you that is ‘whole’, moving you further from the debris of materialism to deepen your spiritualism through the seven colour codes of creation.


The seven colour rays or jewels in your crown of consciousness ‘enlighten’ your soul path in transformational ways. As you align and expand with one or more of the colour rays you transcend all illusion…


The Illusion that you are not powerful with a purpose.

The Illusion that you are controlled and not creative.

The Illusion that you are dependent on others and not truly of Divine intelligence.

The Illusion that you are separate and not a part of sacred Source energy.

The Illusion that you are small and insignificant.

The Illusion that you are without choice.

The Illusion that it is too late to change.

The Illusion that you are less than another because of physical or material possessions.

The Illusion that surrender will mean suffering.


You are a great gift to this planet and as you align with the teachings of the colour rays, you align with a deeper truth in your heart, ‘quickening’ consciousness through the expansion of luminous light and the teachings of the Great White Brother/Sisterhood that speak of loving kindness and service.


Your soul is seeking spiritual success – the feeling of completion that comes through surrender to your Divine Plan. Christ Consciousness is co-creating with the Universal Law of Love and living your light – living the exquisite energy of the colour rays of all creation; perhaps you align with the Ruby Ray of Divine Mother love and devotion, or the Emerald Ray of the Nature Kingdoms, or the Sapphire Ray of Sacred Speech and Mind Mastery…


This is the journey that we will embark on together for 10 weeks,

every Wednesday evening, beginning on April 10th, 6.30pm.


It is with wisdom that you walk,

With grace that you talk,

And with love that you lead and succeed…’  AshaTara


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